Lighthouse Charities is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Las Vegas that serves refugees and at-risk families while they strive to become self-reliant.

To assist refugees and at-risk families in becoming self-reliant. We do this by temporarily providing food, clothing, hygiene, household items, school supplies, English language classes, cultural mentoring, and employment assistance. 
Through partnerships with local grocery stores and CCSD, we help ease stress and financial burden by building and stocking food/clothing pantries in Title 1 elementary schools of Las Vegas and in other local non-profit organizations.


*Self-Reliance for all families

*Diminished child hunger

*A refugee population that is educated and contributing to our society

*A comfortable transition for all incoming refugee families.


*ESL and Job Training/Placement:

We provide ESL classes every Monday/Wednesday from 4:30-6:00 PM at 4500 Pennwood Ave., Las Vegas, 89102 and Tuesday/Thursday from 10:00-11:00 AM at 1725 Palora Ave., Las Vegas, 89169. We also provide job skills workshops, job training, and job placement assistance at the ESL classes as well as at our warehouse.

*Nafasi Designs:

Nafasi Designs is a social innovation business designed to give opportunity to refugees by training them to make salable crafts and helping them to sell these items online and through partnered vendors.

*Operation Lighthouse

*Grant-A-Wish/Mentor Program

*School Pantries:

Lighthouse Charities currently has 5 pantries/clothing closets in CCSD Title one schools that have a high population of refugees. These pantries are stocked with food, clothing, hygiene items, bedding, and school supplies.  Lighthouse also partners with local grocery stores to reduce waste and distribute food not only to these school pantries, but also to pantries in Catholic Charities and Las Vegas Rescue Mission (we provide the meat for the Las Vegas Rescue Mission).  Through these partnerships and pantries, Lighthouse was able to feed over 170,000 people in 2016.

*Provide for Immediate Needs of Refugees:

Lighthouse Charities serves the refugee clients of both resettlement agencies (ECDC and Catholic Charities). We provide their food, clothing, hygiene, and even home furnishings. Lighthouse also furnishes and sets up the apartments of the incoming refugees that resettle through ECDC.

*School Supplies and Uniforms:

Through a partnership with CCSD, Lighthouse Charities provides all incoming refugee students with backpacks, school supplies, and school uniforms.  We also fill clothing and hygiene orders for these students throughout the year.

*Educational Support and Scholarships:

Lighthouse Charities has a scholarship fund for the refugee graduates to provide them with an opportunity to go to college.  We took part in co-hosting the first Refugee Recognition and Graduation Ceremony (May 2017) to acknowledge the achievements of our refugee students and encourage them to continue to get an education. This will become an annual event. 


Cindy Trussel (775) 382-2911

vice president

Charity Nelson (775) 382-2912

vice president

Ariel Alba (702) 556-2796