The Rejesha Project

We believe that self-sufficiency can be achieved through improved job skills and English proficiency. The Rejesha Project is a 16 week employment program that focuses on teaching and implementing important job skills such as following instructions, working in a team environment, time management and punctuality, mock interviewing, resume building, accuracy and speed, and personal responsibility. The program is specifically tailored to individuals with limited knowledge of the American job culture and the English language, as well as others who fall within the at-risk/low-income category, and are seeking additional job training and employment opportunities.

Working in a low-risk environment allows individuals to adjust to typical workplace expectations that are unfamiliar to many coming from other cultures; Rejesha is a forgiving training ground to prepare newcomers, as well as others, for full-time employment in the local community. Our clients find themselves in an environment that they enjoy and are not afraid to be themselves, regardless of religion or race. They have instilled a confidence and trust in our program that ensures their eventual success based on their individual performances.


Job Training

Our 16 week job training program provides pre-employment opportunities for each individual to gain new skills, and learn the pace and expectations of an actual job. Our job training program has a 100% success rate!



English as a second language is a necessary portion of our program, as it gives each individual the tools to communicate. ESL instruction is given daily during the course of this program.



During our program, individuals are taught to compose a well structured resume, applying and interviewing for a job. From there, we assist them with finding sustainable, long term employment.

As an identified community partner of the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services, Deseret Industries with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Catholic Charities, the African Community Center, and Clark County School District, we accept referrals for clients for our program from all walks of life as we fill a unique gap in services.

Since the launch of our program in January 2018, we have provided job (currently providing) training for approximately 40 individuals and anticipate to have helped 80 individuals by the end of the first year!

*Kindly note that we accept clients by referral only.