Susanna and Ibraham

Meet Susanna and her family. They are from the Congo. They lived in a refugee camp for 21yrs (she is only 35). Susanna is deaf and mute. She lost her hearing because of illness when she was only 7 years old. Ibraham is 66 years old and cannot find work because of his age. They are an incredibly sweet and gracious family that has kept their faith in God even though they have experienced extreme trauma and hardships.  

 We came to know them through another refugee, Eli , who came to us and told us of this family that had no food and no money (or food stamps) to buy food with. He said the children were starving and had not eaten at all that day. So we went to their apartment, filled their fridge, and left them with boxes of food. We also gave them balloons that I had in my car and the kids were thrilled to have something to play with.

 Susanna could only smile and give us hugs to show how grateful they were.  Ibraham thanked us and thanked God for sending us help to them. 

There are hundreds of other families like this in the valley that need help but don't know where to find it.  With the donations and help from volunteers, Lighthouse is working hard to find these families and get them the help they need.