School Pantries

Our school pantries benefit our Refugees and low income families in Las Vegas Title 1 schools (although nobody is ever turned away). Our school pantries and closets are not only stocked with food and clothing, but also with bedding and hygiene items.                     



We answered a plea for help at a local school with the largest population of refugee children in the valley.  Lighthouse went right to work building a pantry and stocking it with not only food, but blankets, hygiene items, clothing, and shoes. We provide pantry day twice a month where we also distribute fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and sliced bread. These pantries are run primarily by the families that shop there for assistance.  We require that when they shop in our pantry they must give an hour back by working in the pantry, on campus, or with us before they shop again. This teaches everyone the value of self reliance. 

Our Hope

Our hope is that children can now go home from school each day, confident that they’ll receive a proper meal. For many families, buying food, clothing, and hygiene are heavy burdens on a very tight wallet. By building these pantries and opening them up to the families that truly need it, we are helping to lighten the load and provide peace of mind that they will be taken care of while they get back on their feet.

If your group would like to help stock a pantry or adopt a school, please contact us. This is a great service opportunity for an Eagle scout project or large group. 

video created by Sam Tielemans