Operation Lighthouse 

Operation Lighthouse is an annual resource fair that we host for refugees living in Las Vegas. This event is a one stop shop for refugee families where they can feel comfortable seeking help as they are greeted by friendly volunteers that speak their language. At Operation Lighthouse families have access to medical, dental, and vision screenings. We distribute clothing, hygiene items, books, school supplies, toys, and English language learning tools. We provide entertainment, activities for kids (dance team, sports, and games), haircuts, and employment opportunities and resources. We also provide a way for refugees to sign up for our Grant A Wish/Mentor program.

At our last event, we had over 1,000 attendees as well as a multitude of sponsors and volunteers to assist them. Materials were translated into 8 different languages and interpreters were on site to assist the families and make them feel welcome.

Operation Lighthouse creates a place of diversity and love; inviting all to come receive the assistance they need.

Our next event will be on November 4th, 2017.  If you or your business would like to volunteer to help, please contact Charity Nelson (charity@lighthousecharities.net) or click here.  Donations for Operation Lighthouse can be made here.



Thank you to our sponsors

We would like to extend a special thank you to our sponsors that helped make Operation Lighthouse a success: CarestreamSource 4 IndustriesBig LotsChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, CCSDClark McCourtSouth Sudan Center of AmericaRed Cross, Las Vegas Family Eye Care, UNLV School of Dental, Red Cross, Sew Yeah!, Spread the Word foundation, South Sudan Center, Deseret Industries, Heartfelt Heroes, ECDC, and our photographers: Emily Kay Photography, Christa Paige Photography, and many others who gave their time and effort to spread light throughout the community.

On behalf of Lighthouse Charities and its community of volunteers, we thank you.