Welcome Kits

Having fled their home countries and languished in limbo for months, or even years, refugees arrive in the United States with next to nothing. Help restart their household by providing a Welcome Kit with common things each family needs. You can do this as an individual, as a family, or even rally a community group together to create many Welcome Kits! 

All items should be packaged together as much as possible in one box or plastic tub (except the broom, of course!). Label the outside of the box with the number of family members the box is for and what type of kit (i.e. Kitchen, Cleaning Supplies, Toiletries, Linens & Household Items). Then schedule a time with Lighthouse Charities to drop it off.

The number of some items varies depending on the size of the family, so be sure to reach out to us before assembling the Welcome Kit(s).

Welcome Kit list items denoted with an * must be new. All others may be gently used. Feel free to add a welcome note, local maps, or other small additions as you like, but the below list items are required for each kit. 

Kitchen Kit

  • One set per person: tableware (fork, knife, spoon)

  • One set per person: dishes (plate, bowl, cup)

  • Pots/pans, including sauce pan, frying pan, and large cooking pot (stainless steel)

  • Glass dish(es)/ lasagna dish

  • Mixing/serving bowls

  • Can opener and potato peeler

  • Spatula, rubber scraper, mixing spoon, serving spoon

  • Knife and Scissors

Cleaning Supplies Kit

  • Dish soap*

  • Bathroom/kitchen cleanser*

  • Sponges or cleaning rags*

  • Paper towels*

  • Laundry detergent*

  • Kitchen trash can*

  • Bathroom trash can*

  • Mop*

  • Broom and dustpan*

  • Trash bags*

  • Toilet Brush and plunger*

Toiletries Kit

  • Toilet paper*

  • Shampoo*

  • Soap*

  • Hand Soap*

  • One toothbrush per person*

  • Toothpaste*

  • Lotion*

  • Feminine Hygiene Products*

  • Shower Curtain (waterproof liner) and rings

  • Bath Mat

Linens & Other Household Items Kit

  • One bath towel per person* (30" x 54")

  • One set of Twin sheets and comforter for each bed*

  • One plush blanket per every 2 people*

  • One pillow per person*

  • Alarm clock

  • Paper, pens and/or pencils

  • Light bulbs/ One lamp per room