Bring Jeremiah's Kids to America

Jeremiah Kula Massamba is a refugee from Angola, Africa. He has two young girls, Prosperina (age 9) and Heranca (age 7), who are currently stuck in Brazil while Jeremiah is here working in the states, hoping to one day save enough money to pay for airfare and passport fees for his daughters to come to America. 

Jeremiah gained a strong faith in God from a young age, and at 17 he became a pastor in his church. The first time he visited America was in 2012 where he attended a leadership training in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the Stewardship organization for three months. The second time he left Angola was because he and his family were put in danger. 

The leader of his church was organizing a congregational event that brought many people together for worship. When the Angolan government heard about this, they stormed in on the event, killing and performing unspeakable actions on hundreds of innocent people. The leader of his church was sentenced to 28 years in prison. And as the country is under a dictation, a decree was signed that any pastor of the church would be sentenced to 20 years in prison if they were found. The government accused the leader of his church for assembling a rebellion at this event, but that was a false accusation.  

"Angola's president, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, has been accused of creating one of the most corrupt ruling environments in Africa by ignoring the everyday needs and concerns of citizens and focusing, instead, on accumulating a massive fortune for himself and his family and crushing all political opposition."

"Although Dos Santos has been praised for his role in the country’s independence, and his public promotion of peace and democracy, his family and those close to him hold massive fortunes, while the average Angolan citizen lives on less than $2 a day." 

Jeremiah and his kids escaped from death through the help of an Army General who was a friend of his - he helped Jeremiah gain visas to flee to Brazil. And because he had been in the US before, Jeremiah still had a valid visa to come to America, but not his children. He left his two daughters in the care of his sister and her husband in Brazil for a time. But as the living conditions for immigrants in Brazil are so poor, his sister and her husband fled to Europe. The two girls are now in the care of Jeremiah's close friend, who had also fled to Brazil with his family after the danger in Angola. 

For the past 6 months, Jeremiah has been in our warehouse almost every single day to serve in the most mundane tasks such as sorting and organizing donations that come in like clothes, food, hygiene, etc. He told us that he needed to do this to have something to put on his resume. He desperately needed a job so that he could start earning an income. 

"My kids are my life," he told us. 

Lighthouse Charities, a local 501(c)3 non-profit in Las Vegas, decided on their own to start a fundraiser for Jeremiah of $3,500 to pay for the airfare and passport fees as well as temporary living costs for his girls to come to America. $1,000 will go towards the airfare, and $496 will go towards two passports. Any additional funds will go, 100% of the way, towards Jeremiah and his journey to reuniting with his family. 


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