From Doctor to Steel Worker

Recently we were contacted by the good people over at Hunt Steel to tell us they had job openings and would be willing to hire refugees.  They said that they just wanted guys who needed the money to support their families and were willing to work hard.  So we brought 5 men to them for interviews.  These men were all similar in that they were refugees, had families to support, and were willing to work hard to do so.  But there was also something interesting and different about all of them: their work experience.

In the group of 5 we had a doctor, a reporter, a teacher, a construction worker, and a hotel janitor.

One of the amazing things we've seen when working with refugees is that they are always happy.  They are grateful for everything they have.  They are grateful for the opportunity to find a job and support their family, even if it is dramatically different work than they are used to.  I admire them for this.



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