The Drama Behind This Beautiful Picture

Beautiful Picture, right?  You won't believe what happened just before this shot was taken...

I'll start by telling you that a few weeks ago our founder and CEO, Cindy, was approached by a professional photographer about our work with refugees.  She has had her photos published in National Geographic and is currently working on a project about refugees for her website.  She asked us if we could bring a few refugee families to her to get their pictures taken.  In exchange, she would give us the rights to the photos and give an 8x10 copy to the families.  Since most refugees have no family pictures, we thought this was a great idea.

So two weeks ago, after we took Ibraham and Susanna to church, Cindy loaded the family up in her car (which she had only owned for a few weeks at the time) and started driving them to get their pictures taken.  They had to drive all the way from E Charleston/Lamb to Mountains Edge, a 45 minute drive.  Like many refugees, this family had only been in a car on the way to and from the airport when they first left the refugee camp.  As you can imagine, the long ride began to make the children feel a bit car sick.

Notice the pretty blue dress that the 3 year old (Leah) is wearing?

Notice the pretty blue dress that the 3 year old (Leah) is wearing?

About 1 mile from their destination, still dressed in their Sunday best, the little girl (Leah) vomited all over herself and one of the volunteers sitting next to her (it was in poor Lisa's hair).  There weren't many stores in that area, but luckily they came across a Walgreens.  As soon as Cindy pulled into the parking lot, the young boy (Amose) vomited as well.  Both Amose and Leah had projectile vomited, but at least Amose missed his clothes and only got the carpet in the car.

Cindy immediately got out of the car, took Leah's clothes off (don't worry, she's only 3), and carried her into the Walgreens in her underwear hoping to find something for her to wear.  Luckily this Walgreens just happened to have a tourist section and had a small pink Las Vegas tee shirt in it.  

Cindy bought the shirt, attempted to clean a bit of the vomit off the carpet, and rushed to the photo shoot.

 Unless it's pointed out to you, you don't even notice that Leah isn't wearing any pants in the picture. You have to give the family and the photographer credit for getting such a beautiful picture after such a chaotic ride.  And to all of you future volunteers: Don't worry, getting vomit in your hair only happens every so often ;).


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