I really enjoyed my evening spending time with some of my special friends, Jolie lived in a refugee camp for 23 yrs with her family and she is very ill, the doctors have told her it is from malnutrition and there is nothing they can do to help her, I took a trip to the health food store to find her some supplements to help her feel better, she is very weak and has dizzy spells if she stands for more than 10 min, I was also taught how to make one of their favorite meals, potatoes, red onions and a food that resembled a potato but I couldn't quite identify and they did not know the English word for it. Visiting these families has been such a beautiful thing for me, I am told by Jolie that God sent me to her family, but the truth is God sent them to me.... #lighthousecharities #love #ILOVETOSERVE#DOCTORFRIENDSCANYOUHELP

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