The Rejesha Project

We believe that self-sufficiency can be achieved through improved job skills, and English proficiency. Our job training program "The Rejesha Project", is a successful 16 week program that provides the client a wide variety of useful knowledge and job skills that they will acquire and be able to apply to  all of their future employment opportunities. We do this by implementing three common goals in each one of our clients. Throughout the course of the 16 weeks, and as each goal is achieved, our clients gain a full comprehension, and tactics to know exactly what is expected of them in the workplace, and how to keep up with the fast-paced American workforce. 


Job Training

Our 16 week job training program provides pre-employment opportunities for each individual to gain new skills, and learn the pace and expectations of an actual job. Our job training program has a 100% success rate!



English as a second language is a necessary portion of our program, as it gives each individual the tools to communicate. ESL instruction is given daily during the course of this program, and reduced, but continued after the program ends.  



During our program, individuals are taught to compose a well structured resume, and applying and interviewing for a job. From there, we assist them with finding sustainable, long term employment.