Lighthouse Charities challenges YOU to be a light to someone!

Lighthouse Charities challenges YOU to serve at least once a month for all of 2019. On our website we will list new challenges and service opportunities for you to accomplish every month. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated!

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February 2019 challenges

Here are your service opportunities:

  1. Lighthouse Charities’ team will be flying to Africa at the end of this year to repair a rundown primary school in Uganda that holds over 250 students. We need your help making and collecting items to fulfill this project and these students needs! Sign-up to volunteer here to serve in our warehouse. We’ve also created an Amazon Wish list that showcases the items we are in need of:

  2. Interested in joining our humanitarian committee? Help us execute projects all year long as we strive to better the community through humanitarian work. Click the button above that says “join our committee!”

  3. Shop in our Nafasi Designs boutique! All handmade items that are purchased goes back to helping a refugee family. When you purchase an item labeled “Honeywood Decor“, 80% of the sale is donated to the Mairobis & Frank Education and Hospital bill fund.

January 2019 Challenges

Here are your service opportunities:

  1. Collect used smartphones and donate them to our facility

    • These will be given to refugees that have access to a WiFi network. They can use it for apps such as Duolingo to learn English, WhatsApp to communicate with family and friends, and Google Translate to communicate with YOU!

  2. Collect new/used shower curtains that are heavy duty and transparent material. You can donate them to our facility!

    • These will be used as laminate covers over alphabet tile letters. They will be made into English Learning kits and shipped to refugees in our community and worldwide!

  3. Sign up to serve in our warehouse