Our Impact

We at Lighthouse Charities are one of the few non-profits in Las Vegas that primarily assists refugees after they are resettled in the United States. We direct our attention towards a needy area in the community that is otherwise neglected and short of resources. We proudly serve the North Las Vegas and Las Vegas area.



Years Serving the community

Starting out primarily with food rescue, we transitioned into a safe haven for at-risk individuals in providing a variety of helpful resources.


Thousand individuals Impacted

Our service has extended across the Las Vegas valley, changing many lives for the better. We will never stop the work that we are doing.


thousand Dollars donated to Lighthouse Charities

We extend our greatest appreciation to all of our donors. You are the reason we can keep doing what we do. Your kindness will never be forgotten.


Our Programs

Every one of our programs are uniquely tailored to a neglected area in the community involving at-risk and low-income individuals. We consider the work we do to be invaluable and needed. The trusted platform that we have built in the Las Vegas community cannot be duplicated, and we have many helping hands along the way to thank for that.


the rejesha project

Working in a low-risk environment allows individuals to adjust to typical workplace expectations that are unfamiliar to many coming from other cultures; Rejesha is a forgiving training ground to prepare newcomers, as well as others, for full-time employment in the local community.

humanitarian center

Our humanitarian center is all of our inside and outside volunteer efforts that are done by the helping hand of another in the community. We accept volunteers all year round, and encourage all to come serve with us. We need your help as we couldn’t complete this work with your help.

Nafasi designs

Nafasi Designs is a socially innovative platform that provides refugees resettled in Las Vegas a way to become self-reliant. We provide opportunity to women by training them to make beautiful handmade products and helping them sell those items through our website and other vendors. 

english language classes

ESL, or English as a Second Language, is a crucial part of our program for those that are still in transition to learning the English language and American culture. We have weekly ESL classes at multiple locations. These classes are highly effective to those that are still in transition to the English language.